When can your teen enroll in our driver education course?

Any teenager who turns 15 before the end of the five week classroom session may enroll.

What is the minimum age to get a learners permit?

Your teen must be 15 years old to take the permit test at the secretary of states office to get a learners permit.

How does my teen obtain his/her driving permit?

After attending (4) hours of class time, your teen will receive a permit application from Azad “Freedom” Driving School. With this permit application
your teen can sit/take the written permit test at the Illinois Secretary of State. After passing the written permit test the Secretary of State will issue your teen a driving permit.

What are the BLUE, PINK and YELLOW forms?

There are academic requirements per state law to be enrolled in a drivers education class when you are 15 years of age. All teens/students must have at least one of these forms on file in our main office in order to complete a drivers education course.
– BLUE FORM provides proof of your teen passing junior high school or high school with 8 passing grades in the last two semesters.
– PINK FORM may also be used if they have inadequate grades.
– YELLOW FORM are for teens that are home schooled.

What is the BLUE SLIP ?

The BLUE SLIP is a letter from the Secretary of State showing that you have successfully passed Driver’s Education. This letter is referred to as the BLUE SLIP even though it is printed on standard white paper with black ink. You must show the BLUE SLIP letter to the Drivers License Examiner at the Illinois Secretary of State in order to take your road test and obtain your license.

How long does it take to receive the BLUE SLIP once class is completed?

It typically takes about two weeks after classroom and Behind-The-Wheel requirements are met to receive the BLUE SLIP but allow extra time during the summer months.

What if I lose the BLUE SLIP ?

If you lose your BLUE SLIP, you will need to inform the person you talk with at the Illinois Secretary of State about the lost BLUE SLIP letter. If he or she refuses to look the information up in their computer, you should ask to see a manager.

What size class can I expect?

The Illinois Secretary of State limits our class size to 35 students.

How many classes can I miss?

The Illinois Secretary of State allows four (4) absences before students are automatically dropped from the course. All absences must be made up so that each student receives 30 hours of classroom. If you already know that you will be missing more than 4 classes do let us know so we can enroll you into the sequential class, otherwise you will be dropped off from the class.

How are missed classes made up?

Absences may be made up by attending a class from the next session, students must come on the same day they missed.

How long will it take to complete the BTW / Behind-The-Wheel instruction?

The Illinois Secretary of State requires all Behind-The-Wheel instruction to be completed in no less than two weeks and no greater than nine months. We will make every effort to complete the Behind-The-Wheel instruction as soon as possible. In summer months, the demand for BTW is extremely high and schedules fill to capacity. In the remaining months, the demand for BTW is lower and it takes less time to complete the BTW instruction.

What vehicle can I use for the road test?

The road test can be taken is any vehicle that meets the requirements listed below.

Vehicle Requirements for Road Test:
  – A license plate on the front and the back.
    – All turn signals and brake lights in working condition.
    – A working horn.
    – Have safety belts for all occupants.
    – Have proof of insurance for said vehicle.
– No cracks in vehicle windshield.